Filipce: First Treatment with Ozone Fumigation on Tuesday

Health Minister Venko Filipce said at an online press conference that starting on Tuesday patients with COVID-19 hospitalised at the 8 September Hospital in Skopje will be treated with method of ozone fumigation. “This treatment was already applied in several other countries and turned out rather positive results. Our doctors ran some analyses of the results from these countries, and concluded that the ozone fumigation therapy is rather effective. Basically, with this method we extract a certain amount of blood from a patient infected with COVID-19, and then conduct the ozone fumigation to the blood, after which it is injected back in the body of the patient, and according to the experiences from other countries, it is able to eliminate the virus from the human body,” Filipce explained. Asked about the duration of the curfew for the upcoming weekend and the Labour Day Holiday, Filipce said that the government is to discuss this matter at the session scheduled for Tuesday.