Negotiating Framework to be Presented 3 June, Government’s Information Says

On 3 June, the European Commission will present the negotiating framework, the new enlargement package, and the annual progress report. This is the information the Government has regarding the most important document in the negotiations, which determines the conditions to admit Macedonia to the European family, course, scope, structure, as well as procedures, whose clause is “Nothing is agreed until everything’s agreed”, which means negotiations will remain open until there is full approximation of the text of the deal. The Government expects the first inter-governmental conference to be held during the German EU Presidency. Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani said on Friday that he expected that period to be used for talks with Bulgaria regarding its annex to the minutes, but in the frames of the good-neighbourly treaty. As he reiterated, the decision to start talks with Macedonia was made unanimously. “All European decisions should be consensual,” he stated.