New Leaders’ Meeting to be Held Monday

The new leaders’ meeting will be held on Monday. President Stevo Pendarovski, who will once again be the host, considers that the chances of a deal are 50-50. According to SDSM, if the state of emergency is annulled after 14 days, the elections should be held within 22 days, that is, on 21 June. Party sources also mention 28 June, but they aren’t at all in favour of elections in June. VMRO-DPMNE has continued to stick to its stand on not mentioning dates. In the opinion submitted by the Election Commission to the President, it is said the Government should adopt a new regulation with legal force and prescribe new deadlines concerning the voter list and insight. The Foreign Ministry says the OSCE Mission has responded positively to its request for election observation. The institution hasn’t revealed details so far. It will announce them at the leaders’ meeting.