80-hour Curfew for Skopje and 9 Other Municipalities from Announced

A curfew will be introduced for all Skopje municipalities, Kumanovo, Lipkovo, Stip, Tetovo, Bogovinje, Brvenica, Tearce, Zelino, and Jegunovce lasting from 9 pm on Thursday to 5 am on Monday, the Government decided on Wednesday. As Health Minister Venko Filipce explained, in all other cities, the curfew will last from 9 pm on Thursday to 5 am on Friday, as well as from 4 pm to 5 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday was declared a non-working day for all citizens. When it comes to the Christian holiday of Pentecost, there is a ban on going to cemeteries throughout the whole country, except for funerals. The Government made the decisions upon a proposal of the Infectious Diseases Committee, which had recommended for measures to be stricter in response to the increase in number of COVID-19 cases.