Two Years Marked Since Signing of Prespa Agreement

The Prespa Agreement is synonymous with the success of diplomacy, and it confirms the Macedonian identity – this is how former Prime Minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev assesses the resolution of the name issue two years after the signing of the agreement. Zaev, who received the Human Rights Award from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, among other things for concluding the agreement with Greece, said that the agreement closed three decades of issues, which according to him endangered the future of the country. A similar message was sent by Technical Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski, who said that the agreement accelerated the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration, and Macedonia gained a new ally in Greece. Opposition VMRO-DPMNE, meanwhile, says that everything they have warned about is becoming reality. Former Greek PM Alexis Tsipras for the occasion wrote that together they have proven once and for all that the Balkan’s history does not need victors or defeated. Former Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn also recalled the signing of the Agreement, thanks to which the country is now well on the road to EU membership.