Spasovski: Election Conducted in Fair and Democratic Atmosphere

Caretaker PM Oliver Spasovski said at a press conference on Thursday that the 2020 parliamentary election went on in a peaceful and democratic atmosphere, adding that institutions have proven with their professionalism that Macedonia indeed deserves its place in NATO and possibly in the EU. “The elections were crystal clear and the people’s will must be turned into legitimate institutions as soon as possible. A new government and parliament are needed to cope with serious decisions due to the COVID-19 situation, but also because of the European integration process. Every voter and participant in the electoral process, but primarily North Macedonia is the winner of yesterday’s elections. Our country has shown it is a deserved NATO member and heading for the start of EU accession negotiations. We demonstrated European values by administering safe, peaceful, fair, democratic, free and European elections befitting a country that is a step away from the start of EU talks. Let’s be proud of yesterday’s fair and democratic day at which the people’s will emerged victorious,” Spasovski said. Asked about the further functioning of the government, Spasovski said that the Technical Government shall remain in function till the formation of the new one. Asked about possibilities for SDSM to form a ruling alliance with DUI or the other parties that won seats in the Parliament, Spasovski said that that would be a matter of political calculations. “We must do everything for the greater good of the citizens, and demonstrate responsibility towards them,” Spasovski underlined.