Parliament Expected to Elect Vice-Speakers at Session on Wednesday

The issue for appointment of Vice-speakers of the Parliament was put on the daily order of the 2nd Parliament session that took place on Tuesday, and Vice-speakers are expected to be nominated and elected at the continuation of the session on Wednesday. VMRO-DPMNE demanded the Parliament to remove this issue from the order of business of the session, but their demand was not accepted. “We believe that the suggestion for 5 Vice-speakers will only result with unnecessary expenses for the state budget,” Micevski said, being backed by fellow MP Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, who said that excessive expenses for 5 Vice-speakers in time of pandemic is quite unreasonable. In a statement previously given for TV21, SDSM leader and PM-designate Zoran Zaev said that the Parliament will vote for the new government and its programme once all Vice-speakers of the Parliament are appointed.