Health Minister Filipce: Anti-coronavirus Measures Might be Strengthened

Non-discipline and non-compliance with protocols are the main reasons for the increase spread of COVID-19, according to Health Minister Venko Filipce. At a press-conference on Tuesday, he said that measures might be strengthened and that there might be stronger controls. The goal and strategy, Filipce explained, is timely introduction of measures that will directly fight the spread. “The goal is to avoid potential movement restrictions or measures that would once again hinder the economy and fully close us in our homes, but if it’s necessary, we will surely do that,” the Minister stressed, urging citizens and businesspersons, especially those in the hospitality sector, to strictly comply with measures. Details will be revealed in the coming days. In the last 24 hours, 88 new COVID-19 cases have been registered, the Health Ministry said. It was added that the same period had seen 1,618 new tests, 135 new cured patients, and five new deaths.