Journalists Testify in Target-Fortress Trial

Many testimonies by journalists who were targets in the wire-tapping process from 2008 to 2015 were heard during Tuesday’s hearing over the Target-Fortress case. Goran Mihajlovski, who was Editor-in-Chief of the new-defunct Vest daily, was one of them. According to him, he had had suspicions even before SDSM started to release the wire-tapped materials. Saso Ordanoski, Borjan Jovanovski, Sase Dimovski, Mladen Cadikovski, and Biljana Sekulovska were part of the hearing as well. All of them said they had found out about the wire-tapping when they had received at a press-conference of SDSM in 2015 a folder containing transcripts of conversations of theirs. Among the defendants in the case are former minister Gordana Jankuloska, and Saso Mijalkov.