Deputy Prime Minister Dimitrov in Paris for a session in the French Senate

The key priorities of the EU agenda for the coming period, the challenges of the European integration path, regional health and political developments, the common geostrategic interest in bringing the region closer to the EU, were the topics discussed Wednesday in Paris by Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov at the enlarged session of the French Senate, chaired by Jean-François Rapin, Chairman of the Committee on European Affairs. “The support and friendship of one of the engines of the Union, in this crucial period for our European future has been confirmed. Macedonia belongs to Europe not only geographically, we are also part of the plan for its better future,” Dimitrov said. “France and the EU need partners who are committed to stability, good neighbourly relations and regional co-operation. Macedonia’s positive trajectory can not only be an incentive for others, but also a kind of guarantor of stability,” Dimitrov adds. Dimitrov, during his visit on Wednesday also met with the French Government’s Deputy Secretary-General for European Affairs Caroline Vinot.