PM Zaev Meets US Ambassador Byrnes, EU Ambassador Geer

PM Zoran Zaev held a meeting on Friday with US Ambassador to Macedonia Kate Marie Byrnes. “PM Zaev and US Ambassador Byrnes concluded that the US wants to see North Macedonia fully integrated in the EU, and that official Washington believes that bilateral issues need to be resolved outside of the EU-integration processes. US Ambassador Byrnes welcomed the government’s efforts for prevention of hate speech and maintenance of constructive dialogue. PM Zaev also thanked Ambassador Byrnes for all the support the US provided so far to Macedonia for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic,” the government writes in a press release. Also, on Friday, PM Zaev had a meeting with EU Ambassador to Macedonia David Geer, and thanked him for the aid provided by the EU for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, in form of medical equipment and funds. “PM Zaev said that the integration of North Macedonia in the EU is a strategic goal of the country, and the European Commission confirmed back in March that North Macedonia is ready to start the membership talks. EU Ambassador Geer accented the importance of the constant efforts on behalf of the Government of North Macedonia to overcome the bilateral disputes with official Sofia, and thus unblock the road for the country’s EU-integration,” the government reports.