PMs Zaev and Borissov to Meet Before EU Ministers Meeting in December

PM Zoran Zaev revealed on Monday that he will hold another meeting with his Bulgarian counterpart Boyko Borissov before the following meeting of the General Affairs Council of the EU in December. “I am very glad that Bulgaria recognises the Macedonian language and identity as our reality and I believe we can find solutions to our bilateral issues. I believe that once again we will take steps that prove and solidify our friendship,” Zaev said. In meantime, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs came out with an announcement in which they accuse official Skopje for violating several segments of the Good-neighbourliness Agreement, whereas Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov had told EU Ambassadors on Monday that Bulgaria is ready for dialogue with Macedonia. “Bulgaria has always been a great friend and supporter of North Macedonia, but resolutions of our problems must be equally desired by both sides,” Borissov said.