PM Zaev: Vaccines to Most Likely Arrive in March

In an interview with Kanal 5 TV, PM Zoran Zaev says that the COVID-19 vaccines will most likely arrive in March. According to him, that will be so regardless of whether they are through the COVAX system, from Bulgaria, or from Greece. As the PM adds, money has been allocated for the vaccines. The PM also talked about the Skopje-Sofia issue. “We signed a friendship deal with Bulgaria aspiring to become brothers, but Bulgaria has suddenly decided to become a father of ours. It doesn’t work that way,” the PM points out, adding that each country has its own national individuality. As far as the issue of legalisation of medical cannabis is concerned, Zaev says he has never tried marijuana. “However, if one pledges for a cause, they don’t have to have a personal benefit. I am at the same time an ethnic Macedonian, but I pledge for the rights of ethnic Albanians. I am straight, but I pledge for LGBTI rights. I am not poor, but I pledge for the right of the poor,” Zaev highlights.