PM Zaev Says He’s Creating Dialogue, Not Conflict, with Bulgaria

In an interview with MIA, PM Zoran Zaev says he’s creating dialogue, not conflict, with Bulgaria, as well as calm and readiness for cooperation instead of nationalism for domestic use and new isolations. The communication with the eastern neighbour continues and aims to find a solution, according to him. The PM’s stand is that bilateral issues shouldn’t be an obstacle to European processes, nor should the elections in Bulgaria should prevent the solving of bilateral differences. Zaev expects the period after the New Year’s holidays to see the Special Representative for Bulgaria, Vlado Buckovski, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, and Osmani’s counterpart, Ekaterina Zaharieva, continue the communication for a solution. Zaev also points out that each delay of a start of negotiations for Skopje only calls the EU’s credibility into question.