Pendarovski Signs Decree on Strategic Investor for Highway Construction

President Stevo Pendarovski signed the Decree on promulgation of the Law on Determining Public Interest and nominating a strategic partner for implementation of the project for construction of infrastructure Corridor 8 (Section Tetovo-Gostivar-Bukojcani and the project for the highway Trebenishta-Struga-Kjafasan) and Corridor D (section of the highway Prilep-Bitola) in the Republic of Macedonia. “The law was adopted by the required majority and no MP or parliamentary group voted against it. All institutions and individuals who have doubts regarding the constitutionality of the Law, can turn to the Constitutional Court, which is the only competent institution for assessing the constitutionality of laws and other general acts,” Pendarovski’s Cabinet said in a statement. Before the signing, SCPC informed that they would deliver their opinion to the President, for him not to sign this Decree, as it would break the principles on which the fight against corruption and conflict of interest is based on. They also announced that if the Decree was signed, it would be brought to the Constitutional Court.