Angelov: We Believe Some of Fires Were Arsoned

Director of the Crisis Management Centre (CMC) Stojance Angelov said at a press conference that many of the outdoor fires around the country are still not under control, and also that they suspect that some of the have been arsoned by people. “Some of the fires are just bursting out of nowhere, which is why we suspect that these may be cases of arson. At the moment, 5 helicopters are intervening over the fire near Pehcevo and Delcevo, but in the afternoon on Thursday they had to return to Skopje to get fuel. We are doing all in our power to put the fires under control, and I would ask everyone to not spread panic among the people,” Angelov said. Later on Thursday, Angelov and First Deputy PM Artan Grubi visited the Kumanovo region were several fires are still active.