MoFA: All Our Citizens Evacuated from Afghanistan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) informed on Wednesday that all citizens of North Macedonia have been successfully evacuated from Afghanistan. “There are only three of our citizens left at the NATO base near the airport in Kabul to finish their duties there, and they will be evacuated in accordance with the plans for evacuation of the base. In meantime, three groups of our citizens are currently located in Swanland (UK), Doha (Qatar) and Oslo (Norway) and will proceed with their trip till they return home,” MoFA reported. Governmental Spokesperson Muamed Hoxha informed in meantime that the country will take in 450 refugees from Afghanistan, mainly former employees at international missions and NGOs and members of their families, and that they are expected to arrive in the country by the end of this week. PM Zoran Zaev said that the country should show compassion and provide help the people fleeing Afghanistan, adding that the state will cover the expenses for PCR tests and COVID vaccines for the Afghan refugees coming to the country.