Zaev: We Will Respect International Agreements on Arrested Diplomat Issue

Regarding the arrested diplomats in neighbouring Serbia, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the country will act in accordance with all international agreements that have been accepted, confirmed and supported, but that all legal acts for the protection of the citizens will be required. “Diplomats, until they are requested by a country, have the same rights that apply to every citizen, and indeed we cannot take any action for our citizen if someone does not request it. And the diplomats themselves, i.e. employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, work at home and work in our missions, i.e. embassies everywhere. They are abroad for a while, they are at home for a while,” said Zaev. “I do not want to go into the details of the reason why an international arrest warrant was requested and why extradition is requested, the public will be informed by the relevant authorities. But, I definitely know that it is logical that those who work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who have their careers for many years there, go on missions through our embassies as diplomatic advisers or similar. I do not really know the details and I would like to find out, that is, I will inquire in detail about the findings that I would have received through the Ministry of Interior as it is – it shows that it is so, it happened. I know that in 2018, these details happened as I read them,” said Zaev.