EC: Our Position Remains Unchanged, Start of Negotiations in December

Following the confusion that emerged with the statement of President Ursula von der Leyen about the separation of North Macedonia and Albania for the start of negotiations with the EU, the European Commission confirmed this afternoon that their position has not changed, said correspondent from Brussels. The President of the European Commission was asked Tuesday morning in Tirana about the separation of Albania from North Macedonia, to which she replied that Albania has met all the conditions for holding the first intergovernmental conference and that everything is being done to overcome the obstacles. “The president expressed her commitment to the process of the Western Balkans joining the EU and she expressed her desire and intention to work for the opening of the Intergovernmental Conference, there is no change,” Spinant said. Enlargement spokesperson Ana Pisonero, when asked if there was any progress in resolving the dispute between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, said EU Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi was involved in the process. “The commission talks with both sides, Commissioner Varhelyi will travel to North Macedonia on Wednesday and will meet with Prime Minister Zaev, and visited Sofia last Tuesday. The commission continues to talk to all relevant parties and will continue to work on the common goal of advancing the two countries,” Pisonero said.