SDSM will in the End have More Mayors than VMRO-DPMNE, Says Zaev

SDSM President Zoran Zaev held a press-conference at 1 am on Monday, saying the government would ultimately win the local elections. According to him, the support in the first round is serious, while SDSM will have more mayors than VMRO-DPMNE. As Zaev added, the candidates of SDSM’s coalition partners took away a lot of votes in municipalities where VMRO-DPMNE is in the lead. In total, the SDSM leader noted, SDSM is winning or in the lead in more than 30 municipalities and. In Zaev’s view, Mickoski was calling for election of mayors in the first round because he knows what will happen in the second. “The message from the people is clear both where we won and where we didn’t. The people want more results and work,” Zaev stressed. The evil is threatening, which is why the coalition will unite, so that the progressive forces will jointly fight to head the municipalities, the SDSM President also said.