SEC: Ballots to be Considered Valid Without Seal of Electoral Committee

The State Electoral Commission (SEC) adopted a decision on Tuesday to accept as valid voting ballots without a seal of the electoral committee at the polling station. This means that a ballot will still be considered valid if all other conditions listed in the Electoral Code are met, i.e. if the number of the candidate on the ballot is clearly circled. In meantime, SEC also informed that on Sunday there will be a revote for the 1st round of the local election at two polling stations in the country. “The revote will take place at polling station number 0534 in Debar for mayor and at number 2957/1 in Suto Orizari for municipal council members. The second round of the local election will take place in 44 municipalities, while SEC will notify the government that there should be new local election declared for the municipalities of Mavrovo-Rostuse and Centar Zupa, after the number of voters that voted there in the first round did not reach the required threshold of one third of the voters registered in the respective areas,” they inform from SEC.