Borissov: No Talks with Skopje Unless Bulgarian Minority Added to Constitution

Former Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov stated on Thursday that there will be no talks with official Skopje until the Bulgarian minority living in North Macedonia is included in the preamble of the country’s constitution. “For our party, be it in government or in opposition, it is important to defend the human rights of Bulgarian people, no matter where they live. For this I already reached an agreement with Albanian PM Edi Rama, and I hope PM Zoran Zaev will do the same. This is very important so that Albania and North Macedonia can be properly integrated in the EU,” Borissov said. In meantime, the Government in Skopje issued an official reaction, in which they state that the recent messages coming from official Sofia are not considered friendly by the citizens of North Macedonia. “In the past few days, we are witnessing political messages for electoral campaign purposes which come out of the framework of European values and principles about one sovereign and independent country not meddling in the internal affairs of another country. Skopje remains dedicated to the dialogue for finding a mutually acceptable solutions for the issues still open between North Macedonia and Bulgaria,” writes the reaction from the Government.