No-confidence Vote Session not Held after Rexhepi Decides not to Participate

After more than 10 hours in Parliament on Thursday and several attempts for a start of the session for the no-confidence vote, which wasn’t held because the opposition didn’t have a quorum, VMRO-DPMNE left at 9:30 pm. Aleksandar Nikoloski, MP and Vice-President of the party, stated that 11 November would go down as a dark day in the history of the country. “The day will come when all those that, today, kidnapped an MP, were taking away phones, keeping MPs on certain premises so that they coudlnt communicate, and did everything in order for the Macedonian democracy to be stomped on will be held responsible,” he stated. As Nikoloski added, the best solutions are swift early elections. The session wasn’t held because the opposition needed one more MP to have a quorum. The issue was related to BESA MP Kastriot Rexhepi. He had said on his official Facebook page at around noon that he had decided against participating in the session for the no-confidence vote. As he explained, the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration is one of the main reasons for him and his party.