Alternative Gets Health, Information Society and Diaspora Ministry

Zaev and Gashi officially shook hands – Alternative enters the Government and will get three ministerial posts: Health, information society and administration and one reactivated without a portfolio for the diaspora. Gashi’s deputy ministers will also be appointed to three other ministries – in the ministries of education, culture and possibly agriculture. Alternative will take over director positions in over 40 institutions, including MEPSO, PIOM, the Agency for Foreign Investments, numerous positions that are currently managed by staff from SDSM and DUI. The resignation, said Zaev, will be submitted in a few weeks, after the EU summit, which is expected to finally get a date for negotiations. The parliamentary majority now has 64 MPs, with Zaev announcing that it will grow to 66. In the agreement to expand the government program, Gashi is asking the government to step up its engagement on nine topics.