Osmani: We Have Stable Governments, We Can Reach Agreement in January

Getting a stable government in Bulgaria paves the way for finding a solution to the dispute in January and unblocking North Macedonia’s European integration. This was stated in an interview with Bulgarian television by Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, who believes that a comprehensive approach to the dispute is needed, instead of long deadlines when there is already someone to talk to. Among other things, he estimates that the relations between Skopje and Sofia are the lowest possible level. Regarding the request of Bulgaria to call the language ‘official language of Macedonia’, Osmani stressed that the position is to call the language as proposed by the European Commission, which is Macedonian language. For the Slovenian ambassador to the country, Predan, a breakthrough in the dispute with Bulgaria is possible, and among the priority steps that North Macedonia should take, as he said, is to finally send an ambassador to Sofia.