Osmani: Skopje and Sofia Should Both Provide Results for Cooperation

Foreign Affairs Minister Bujar Osmani said in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) that results are expected from both North Macedonia and Bulgaria in their negotiations for overcoming of bilateral issues. “For example, the construction of the road connection from Skopje to Sofia cannot be our pledge only. Many of the works from our side are already complete, so we expect the same results from Bulgaria too. We need to establish a network for cooperation, network of people, contacts, institutions… I also believe it would be very good if both North Macedonia and Bulgaria make some changes in their respective teams in the Mixed Commission on Historical Affairs. We’ve already changed two, and maybe Bulgaria should follow our example,” Osmani said. Speaking of the notion for registration of Bulgarians living in North Macedonia in the Constitution, Osmani said that the country has become famous for the Ohrid Framework Agreement, which guarantees the rights of all minorities in the country, adding that the Bulgarians can also be included in it.