PM Kovacevski Meets NATO’s Stoltenberg in Brussels

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, after the meeting with PM Dimitar Kovacevski in Brussels, welcomed North Macedonia’s efforts to promote security, stability and progress in the region. “This includes your contributions to NATO’s peacekeeping mission in Kosovo,” he stated. At the meeting, they talked about the security of the Western Balkans as one of the main priorities of NATO and about the escalation of the situation at the Ukraine-Russia border. “Since North Macedonia joined NATO, the Alliance has guaranteed your security. You are now part of NATO’s Air Policing system. Fighter jets from Greece are on patrol to keep your skies safe,” Stoltenberg noted. Kovacevski, in his first official visit to Brussels as PM, stated that North Macedonia, as a NATO member, joined the appeals to Russia for de-escalation. He also underlined the importance of the diplomatic dialogue. “We fully support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the internationally recognised borders,” the PM noted.