PM Kovacevski: Rushed Solution to Bulgaria Issue not Needed

The balance between a swift and quality solution to the Sofia dispute is important. In an interview with MIA after his visit to Brussels, PM Dimitar Kovacevski says the hopes are that Bulgaria’s blockade will have been lifted by the end of the French Presidency on 30 January. “What we were also discussing here is that the solution to the issues should be in the spirit of European values, of mutual respect between the two countries, and of keeping the dignity of citizens in both countries,” the PM notes. However, he says that he wouldn’t like to talk about dates. “I say we need a swift solution considering we have deserved to open negotiations with the EU,” the PM explains. According to Dimtrov, the events during the marking the 150th anniversary of Goce Declcev’s birth weren’t a sign of good-neighbourliness. “Laying flowers behind police cordons, with groups of citizens shouting indecent words. That isn’t any joint action contributing to good-neighbourliness and good expectations,” he notes.