Petkov Proposes for Brussels to Guarantor of Inclusion in Constitution

In an interview immediately after his meeting with his counterpart from North Macedonia, Dimitar Kovacevski, Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov proposed for Brussels to be guarantor for the inclusion of Bulgarians in North Macedonia’s Constitution. His idea is for Skopje and Sofia, once they reach a solution to the matter, to submit it in a form of a joint proposal to the European Commission as part of the negotiating process to join the EU.  “We don’t include concrete bilateral issues, but rather we include principles that are actually in the frames of EU Member States,” he said. In addition to their meeting on Friday, the two PMs also held a meeting together with US Secretary of State Anthony Blniken. Kovacevski stated that Blinken shared his honest wish to see Skopje and Sofia together in the EU. The talks with Bulgaria were the discussed also at Kovacevski’s meeting with Miroslav Lajcak.