Petrovska: There Will Be No Decision to Send Troops to Ukraine

The decision to send troops to Ukraine will not and will not be made. North Macedonia is a member of NATO and we as a member country will respect and implement all decisions made within the Alliance, because we are an integral part of the decision-making process,” emphasized by Minister of Defence Slavjanka Petrovska, and added that so far, the country has joined the sanctions imposed by the EU. Regarding the military assistance to Ukraine, Minister Petrovska clarified that it is about military equipment and armament in accordance with the demands of the Ukrainian authorities. “Their request to us was classified and for that reason our decision is still classified. However, we considered that as an act of transparency, the public deserves to be informed that we have made such a decision and because of that we gave that brief information that we made a decision for military assistance to Ukraine,” said Petrovska. Asked by journalists about military assistance, Petrovska said that it is in accordance with the facilities we have and in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian side. The Minister stressed that the public should know that this donation does not reduce the capacity and armament of our Army. She announced that the Government will soon come out with more detailed information on what facilities would be made available for possible accommodation of refugees. According to her, the facilities that were used, and are owned by the MoD, would be used in the previous refugee crises, as well as the COVID crisis. They are now in the phase of examination, finding out what is their condition and whether they can be put into operation.