Mickoski: SDSM’s Policies Are Catastrophic, They Fill Budget to Steal from It

In the previous corona crisis we were the last to receive vaccines. First we started with testing problems and finally we finished with the vaccination process. We also remember the fires in the summer in North Macedonia where we prayed for people from all over Europe to help us because the SDSM and DUI authorities and the SDSM mayors in those municipalities were not able to cope with the fires. Now we are looking at the energy crisis, although we warned them that it would happen. I can conclude that here too they showed incompetence which is the biggest in Europe,” said President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski at the event at the Hilton Hotel, when asked to comment on the anti-crisis package worth 400 million euros. He pointed out that now, due to these so-called policies of the economic team of SDSM and DUI, North Macedonia unfortunately in 2021 is the last in terms of GDP growth in the region. “Hristijan Mickoski cannot justify the inaction and frivolous spending of the mayors of VMRO-DPMNE. Although VMRO-DPMNE has mayors in most municipalities, they do not do anything, do not implement the projects promised to the citizens, nor are they capable of implementing the already started projects. Millions of euros from the municipal budgets for party employments, purchases of chocolate candies and other frivolous spendings, these are not improvements of local policies, that is frivolous spending,” the SDSM Centre for Public Communications reacted.