North Macedonia Observes 2-Year Jubilee Since NATO Accession

second anniversary of the accession of North Macedonia in NATO as the Alliance’s 30th member-state. “Exactly two years ago, we realised one of our greatest strategic goals as a country and were fully integrated in NATO. Today, amidst the greatest crisis in Europe since World War II, we can see that we’ve made the right decision, because in a moment in which many countries fear for their security amidst the Russian-Ukrainian war, our country is part of the strongest military-political alliance in the world, which guarantees our security and protects our sovereignty and territorial integrity. We proceed to actively participate in the Alliance’s activities and to build good cooperation with all our partners within NATO,” Kovacevski wrote. FM Bujar Osmani also extended his greetings on Facebook, saying that the integration in NATO represents a historic success for North Macedonia and provides very strong guarantee for the safety and security of the country, and accenting the importance of being part of such strong Alliance in times of uncertainty and crises in Europe. Greetings were also extended by Defence Minister Slavjanka Petrovska, who said that while the world was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the administration of the NATO Alliance and its member-states were busy ratifying the protocol for accession of North Macedonia.