Kovacevski: Improvement of Relations Good Grounds for Constitutional Changes

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski said during a visit to Kicevo that changes to the Constitution of North Macedonia can be made only through the necessary parliamentary procedures and debates, which would involve opinions of experts. Kovacevski stated this in context to the demands of Albanian parties in the country for removal of the reference for “20% of the citizens” concerning the use of the Albanian language, which have become more vocal after the publication of the 2021 Population Census results. “As a European country, we extremely value the rights of minorities, which is why, like in no other country, we have a Ministry of Political System and Inter-Ethnic Relations, an Agency for Implementation of the Law of Languages, and several other institutions that secure the respect of these rights. The Constitution can be changed only through the parliamentary procedures created for that, and we believe that anything that improves the relations between the citizens of different backgrounds, would be good grounds for constitutional changes. If we strive to become members of the EU, which would eventually happen one day, we need to respect and protect the rights of all citizens,” Kovacevski said.