Mickoski: Parliamentary Election to Be Held Very Soon from Now

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski addressed on Wednesday evening the central celebration of the 31st jubilee of the youth forces of this party. In his speech, Mickoski called upon the citizens to be united against the current government, adding that there will be parliamentary election in the country, as he said, very soon from today. “We need new election and a message of unification like never before. Indeed, VMRO-DPMNE sometimes makes mistakes with its policies, but no one is without mistakes. We had the virtue to ask for forgiveness for our mistakes, and we are very grateful for your support at the last local election in 2021. Very soon, we shall need your support once more, to once and for all remove this corrupted and malevolent ruling structure form the position of power. Let us defeat this government and fix together the errors they have made in the past 5 years,” Mickoski said at the celebration in Prilep.