Education Employees to Start General Strike on Monday

Hands holding protest signs. Workers going on Strike

President of the Education Trade Union Jakim Nedelkov announced at a press conference the start of the strike of education employees. The strike will start on Monday morning, and during it, teachers and university professors, as well as kindergarten employees, will come to their work positions but will not conduct their daily job activities, i.e. they will not hold classes for the students, and kindergartens will not provide day-care for the children. “The strike will continue until the government accepts our demands for increase of the salaries in the education sector, in line with the increase of the minimum salary. I call upon the government to find reason and call us for negotiations as soon as possible, at which we will reach agreement for increase of the salaries,” Nedelkov said. From the Ministry of Education and of Labour and Social Policy they said that children must be taken care of and attend lessons without interruptions, unless in case of state of emergency or crisis.