Mickoski Criticises Sofia’s Demands

“Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov is proposing for bilateral problems and demands of Sofia to enter the negotiating framework. That means that we will either get assimilated, that is, Bulgarised, or not join the EU at all,” VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said regarding Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov’s stands. Mickoski believes that Sofia’s demands are maximalist and will not be approved by the European partners. “So, if this Government signs that document, people in Macedonia should know that yes, that may happen, that first intergovernmental conference, but the negotiations will never start until we accept to get assimilated and, enter the EU’s frames as Bulgarians, and accept all of that contained in the Bulgarian Parliament’s Resolution of 2019,” the opposition leader noted. In response, SDSM said Mickoski was spreading lies and undermining state interests because there would not be any assimilation, nor citizens and the ruling party would allow that.