Skopje-Sofia Dispute: Dzhambazki Levels Fierce Criticism at Petkov

Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki, who’s the Vice President of Krasimir Karakachanov’s party, sees in Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov’s comments over the veto issue an announcement about backing down from Sofia’s national interests. “I hope it’s become clear to all that Petkov is a puppet, placed to execute certain tasks. One of them is committing national treason and yielding before the Macedonian anti-Bulgarian policy. I don’t know whether the PM is aware, but the recent statements and actions by authorities in Skopje are not different from the potential actions of the so-called nationalists. It must be clear that each step benefiting the Skopje Macedonists will be punished,” he says. VMRO-BND will organise on 4 Protests in Sofia for, as it is said, protection of state interests.