DUI Celebrates Day of NLA Defenders with New Monument

The first man of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, in Slupcane, on the occasion of the opening of the memorial tower in honour of the NLA soldiers said that this monument unites the peoples of the country, reports TV21. Ahmeti stressed that NLA is an integral part of the country’s history, through which the Ohrid Agreement was reached, which then led to the Prespa Agreement, which secured the country’s NATO membership. According to experts, the memories of the riots in 2001 are still fresh and care must be taken with such moves. Sociologist Aceski believes that before making such decisions, sensitive to the people, the opinion of the citizens must be heard on all stakeholders. According to political scientist Atanasovski, DUI must change something in its political moves so as not to increase the gap between Macedonians and Albanians. Stojance Angelov, Director of CMC, said on Facebook that the opening of the UCK monument in Slupcane should be an example to the Macedonian state leadership of how to honour the Macedonian defenders from 2001.