SONK: Talks Continue Friday

The President of the Independent Trade Union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK) Jakim Nedelkov said Wednesday afternoon that the day’s round of negotiations with the Ministry of Education and Science under the auspices of a conciliator has ended and that negotiations will continue on Friday when they expect concrete answers to their proposals. “Today’s round of negotiations with the Ministry of Education and Science, under the auspices of a conciliator, has ended. All issues that are open, based on our requests were discussed, analysed, argued by both parties,” Nedelkov said on Facebook. The Union Leader said that they are at the beginning of the negotiations, but that they do not start from scratch, which, he said, would take a lot of time and energy. “We all have expectations to come out of this strike with a positive result and not as winners, but as social partners, who will find mutually acceptable solutions, where there will be no winners and losers. The biggest benefit is the opening of the Pandora’s salary adjustment box in all activities in both the private and public sector,” said Nedelkov.