Mexhiti, Kasami, and Gashi Criticise Decision to Found Casino Companies

Democratic Movement, BESA, and Alternative have said that First Deputy PM Artan Grubi and his party, DUI, are opening three new casino companies and “bringing gambling houses to our homes”.

As Democratic Movement leader Izet Mexhiti pointed out on Tuesday, on 11 September, the state published a decision and public call for three new casino companies to be founded. The companies, which will be dominantly owned by the state, will enable gambling online, on phones, tablets, and PCs, he added. “The clientelists within DUI led by Grubi are obsessed with their dream to become an oligarchy,” the Democratic Movement leader noted.

In response, the National Lottery said the decision to start a procedure to found companies for organisation of games of chance online was founded on the law, as well as on a feasibility study.