Pardon Draft-Law to Be Submitted to Parliament in Shortened Procedure

The Justice Ministry said on Tuesday that the Pardon Draft-Law would be submitted to Parliament in the shortened procedure. As the institution added, the document was adopted at the previous session of the Government.

“The text of the Draft-Law that was adopted at the previous session was aligned and given for an opinion, after which the Government gave the green light at today’s session, and it will be sent to Parliament,” it pointed out. However, in the press-release about that session, it was said the document had been returned for further work.

Also on Tuesday, PM Dimitar Kovacevski said that the text had been considered at the previous session, where it had been decided that it needed to be aligned with the legislation sector concerning the parts for treatment of convicted persons abroad, according to international conventions. “That was done in the meantime,” he said, adding that Justice Minister Krenar Lloga would within 48 hours hold a detailed briefing journalists over the Draft-Law.