Justice Minister Lloga Expects Support from All MPs over Pardon Draft-Law

Regarding the Pardon Draft-Law, Justice Minister Krenar Lloga said on Thursday he would show photos of the Idrizovo prison conditions to MPs before the vote.

Lloga expects support from all MPs. However, though the document still hasn’t been submitted to parliament SDSM has announced an amendment because Haki Aziri and Fejzi Aziri, convicted to nine and 15 years in prison in the Monster case (which concerns the 2012 Smilkovci killings), respectively, for assisting the perpetrator after the commission of the crime, after they had been previously charged with terrorism, an act now not covered by a pardon.

Asked whether they would be covered, Lloga described the question as tendentious because, as he said, the Court reclassified the charges in the case. During the session for parliamentary questions, PM Dimitar Kovacevski was asked by VMRO- DPNE whether he, as a parent, was ready to pardon Monster case convicts.

“Once the law enters procedure in parliament, if there are cases like the ones you refer to, SDSM’s Parliamentary Group will file an amendment that will exclude the possibility of pardoning them,” he noted.