Minister Spasovski: No Deadline for Completing Constitutional Changes Process

Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski hasn’t given an exact answer as to whether there are opposition MPs that will support the constitutional changes.

“That will be shown when it needs to be shown,” he said on Saturday. According to Spasovski, there is no deadline for completing the process. As he added, the end of November is the deadline when, basically, the screening process ends. “After the end of the screening process, the chapters, too, will be able to be opened. And the goal is that, for us to be able to start opening the chapters as soon as possible. It’s not about there being some deadline in which it basically has to be completed. The sooner it is completed, the better for the country,” Spasovski noted.

His comments are in contradiction with everything so far said by Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Maricic, and President Stevo Pendarovski about the deadline related to the adoption of the changes.