Sweden Pledges for Merit-Based Process, Kerstin Lundgren Says in Skopje

Sweden pledges for a merit-based process and strongly supports North Macedonia’s progress on that path, Kerstin Lundgren, Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, said on Monday, at the press-conference in Skopje’s legislative house following the meeting of the Steering Group for Democratic Development of the Parliament of Sweden, with MP Fadil Zendeli, the Chair on North Macedonia’s part.

MPs who are Group members participated in the meeting. According to Lundgren, Sweden hopes that progress will be made by North Macedonia in the near future regarding the EU negotiations process. She underlined the importance of the current momentum regarding the EU path in the context of Enlargement.

“We respect the manner in which North Macedonia’s Parliament works and don’t want to interfere in internal political discussions,” Lundgren noted. Swedish MP Kenneth G Forslund described cooperation with North Macedonia’s Parliament as one of the most successful and most inspirational acts of cooperation at a parliamentary level.