Ombudsperson Opens Case over Treatment of 17-Year-Old with Autism

As a result of the allegations by Salka Abdulovska, a woman from Debar, who told Telma on Monday that her 17-year-old son, a boy with autism, had returned from the Psychiatric Hospital in Demir Hisar with wounds on his hands and scratches and bruises on his body from the chains he had been tied with, the Ombudsperson has opened a case.

Relevant institutions will be asked to conduct supervision and get information about the treatment of the child. According to the Hospital, a meeting was held over the matter. The allegations were refuted.

“The patient was admitted with written consent from the parents. There was a conversation with personnel, whose statement is that there was no mistreatment.,” the Hospital said on Tuesday.

Later that day, the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate said it would conduct supervision at the Hospital on Wednesday.