Court Administration Members Organise New Protest

Court administration members staged a new protest on Tuesday. They reiterated their demands: a salary increase of 78% (a raise identical to the one officials received) and reintroduction of the supplements of 35%.

If their demands fall on deaf ears, they will block the whole court system. They also insisted on a meeting with PM Dimitar Kovacevski to present their demands personally.

Employees at courts and prosecutor’s offices are not satisfied with the pace of the work of the working group tasked with solving the matter. The Government made a decision to form it on 3 October. However, since then, it hasn’t held any meetings.

The Trade Union of Workers in the Administration, Judicial Bodies, and Associations of Citizens expects the first meeting to be held this week and the solution for increased salaries and supplements to be reached very quickly.

Otherwise, as they said, there will be radicalisation of their activities.