President Pendarovski in Interview with ClickPlus Show

In an interview with the ClickPlus show on TV21, President Pendarovski says there is intentional expiration of the statute of limitations in cases in the country. As he adds, it must be found out why that is so.

“Dobrila Kacarska sentenced the most complex case, the 27 April storming of Parliament one. There were hearings day and night, and she brought to an effective decision. So, things can be done,” he notes.

When it comes to the election date issue, the President says a political deal is needed. Pendarovski doesn’t know who SDSM’s presidential candidate will be.

“Based on information I have, the process for a candidate from SDSM hasn’t started,” he states.

When it comes to the officials’ salaries issue, his stand is that the Government should propose a law as soon as possible to reduce them.

“The opposition, too, should support a law for that to be done,” he emphasises.