Oncology Clinic Committee of Inquiry Continues Activity

The Oncology Clinic Committee of Inquiry continued its activity on Wednesday. Ex- Deputy Health Minister Ilir Hasani didn’t collaborate with Venko Filipce, while his successor, Vladimir Rendevski, didn’t know why Bekim Sali dismissed Nino Vasev as head of the Clinic.

The two former officials found out about the scandal from media. To the numerous questions from MPs, they didn’t give specific answers because either they didn’t have insight into the documentation or were not part of the close cabinet team. Hasani described the Audit Office’s report on the Clinic as very bad.

“I hadn’t heard about the CATO system. I know it’s for control of therapy. Sure enough, if we have it and it is not used, it’s bad,” former Deputy Health Minister Rendevski said.

The current Deputy Minister, Maja Manoleva, stated that she was waiting for confirmation that there had been abuse. She is not planning to resign over, as she said, a case that didn’t take place during her term.

“Everything we’ve been discussing so far is at a level of speculations,” she noted.