US Ambassador Aggeler Visits Supreme Court

On Wednesday, US Ambassador Angela Aggeler paid a visit to the Supreme Court, where she met the institution’s President, Besa Ademi, and Justices.

Issues concerning judicial independence were discussed. Independence of the judiciary is the strongest guarantee for the rule of law, while integrity of judges represents a key factor to achieve the independent judiciary’s principles, it was highlighted.

“The judiciary must not be under pressure from politics and interference of the other powers needn’t be allowed in the making of court decisions that have to be founded on the law. There needs to be respect for the constitutional principle of separation of powers, while judges need to be freed from any influences. Transparency, as one of the most important factors for public perception and trust, has an essential role when it comes to the judiciary’s independence,” the Court said.

Ambassador Aggeler, according to the Court’s press- release, said that it was needed to strongly support such pledges for an independent and transparent judiciary, adding that the Court’s activities in that direction represented crucial contribution in the reform process.