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Kovacevski and Mickoski still Divided over Issue of Need for Leaders’ Meeting

PM Dimitar Kovacevski and VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski are still far from finding common ground. The former said on Saturday a leaders’ meeting was not needed because there were laws with regards to election processes. According to him, though institutions cannot be ignored and parties can discuss topics over which laws exist at a leaders’ meeting, too, that can be ...

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Xhaferi: Potential Option is not Holding Elections on a Sunday

According to Parliament Speaker Xhaferi, who needs to schedule both election processes, a potential option is them not being held on a Sunday. As he said, North Macedonia’s laws and Constitution don’t say that an election process has to be scheduled that day of the week. Xhaferi doesn’t support an option for parliamentary elections prior to 5 May because that ...

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Domestic Reactions to Israel-Related Developments

On Saturday, North Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry called on nationals of North Macedonia to comply with instructions by security authorities. PM Dimitar Kovacevski and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani were among those who condemned the attacks by Hamas. “I strongly condemn violent attacks by group Hamas on Israel. Extending our full solidarity with Israel; these acts of terror must stop immediately,” the ...

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Granada: EU Leaders Say Enlargement is Geostrategic Investment in Peace

At the meeting in Granada, which ended on Friday, EU leaders said enlargement was a geostrategic investment in peace, security, stability, and prosperity. “It is a driver for improving the economic and social conditions of European citizens, reducing disparities between countries, and must foster the values on which the Union is founded,” it is added in the Declaration. However, 2030 ...

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Enlargement among Topics at Berlin Process Meeting

Enlargement was one of the topics discussed at Friday’s meeting in the frames of the Berlin Process in Tirana, which brought together foreign ministers from the region and EU representatives. Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said the Process wasn’t a substitute for enlargement, adding that the fact that enlargement was becoming a priority in Brussels, too, was encouraging. The region must ...

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In a telephone poll conducted by the portal from 18 to 25 September, 69.7% of respondents say that they trust no party leader. When it comes to those that do, VMRO- DPMNE’s Hristijan Mickoski has the highest rating (12.3%), followed by DUI’s Ali Ahmeti (3.7%), SDSM’s Dimitar Kovacevski (3.5%), and Levica’s Dimitar Apasiev (3.1%). The opposition is in the ...

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Road Conditions 06.10.2023

Traffic on state roads runs smoothly, on dry roads. At certain roads going through ravines, minor rockslides are possible. The MAKEDONIJAPAT PE calls for careful driving and adjustment of the speed to the conditions of the road. The MAKEDONIJAPAT PE’s on-call teams are constantly on-site and keep all roads passable.

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Meetings with Rutte and Varadkar among Kovacevski’s Activities in Granada

In the frames of the European Political Community’s meeting in Granada, PM Dimitar Kovacevski met his Dutch counterpart, Mark Rutte. The support from the Netherlands, which is among the biggest bilateral donors of North Macedonia and has helped in continuity in the reforms of multiple spheres, including democracy, the rule of law, and judicial reform, was highlighted at the meeting, ...

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Spain Open to and Supports Enlargement, Says Country’s PM

Before the start of the European Political Community’s meeting, Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez said on Thursday that the EU had to adapt and welcome countries that had been in the lobby for a long time already. He confirmed a debate on EU reform, too, would be opened at the two-day event in order for enlargement to be enabled from 27 ...

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Osmani: Open Balkan Comments Personal Position, not Stand by Government

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani has said his comments about North Macedonia should re-consider its participation in Open Balkan if it’s proven that Serbia’s in any way involved in the attack in Kosovo were a personal position, not a stand of the Government. In a brief answer, he told Kanal 5 that the Government hadn’t discussed the matter. In Granada, PM ...

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